Code of Conduct:

Participants and parents will be required to adhere to a code of conduct which they must agree to in order to be part of the program


Players Code of Conduct:

  • Honor the game by trying your best
  • Play for Enjoyment
  • Put effort into learning both individual AND team skills
  • Play by the laws of the game
  • Be committed to your team with high attendance, effort and energy levels
  • Show respect for all
  • Never argue with the referee’s decision
  • Control your temper
  • Be a good sport.  Applaud all good play by your team or by your opponent.
  • Remember the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and play responsibly


Parent Code of Conduct:

  • Honor the game in action and language
  • Applaud the performances of both teams using praise and positive recognition
  • Be positive with referees and acknowledge that all referees perform a difficult task
  • Let the children play their game, not your game
  • Praise actual efforts not results
  • Appreciate coaches for their commitment and effort
  • Set a good example – think before you act!


Coaches Code of Conduct:

  • Honor the game by adopting a culture that rewards effort, not only outcome
  • Emphasize the letter and spirit of the laws
  • Be professionally competitive during the game and respectfully social afterward
  • Respect the referees even when you disagree
  • Have fun